This project aims at integrating AspectJ into Eclipse. For now, only ajc has been integrated.

The plugin had been tested under Eclipse 2.0 - M4 build 20020321 and F1 build 20020521 - with AspectJ 1.0.3. The aspectjrt.jar and aspectjtools.jar are provided with the first releases (see release note - release 0.7.2 ).

I'd like to thank Thomas Papiernik for his help and his advices.

Please visit the the Ajc-for-Eclipse project at Sourceforge download the latest release. You can also browse the cvs repository here

Also please note IBM's announced they're working on the same plugin, so we dont plan anymore to integrate the AjDebug and AjDoc Tools.

Please report any problems to



  • Added a Quick Configuration Launcher (Toolbar Button)
  • 2002.05.27

  • Provides an AspectJ Builder
  • Provides an AspectJ Nature
  • Allows to replace JavaBuilder
  • Aj Compiler Configuration via Preference Page
  • Project Specific Configuration (i.e. output directories, etc...)


  • Configuration lists creation helper
  • Configuration lists multi-part editor
  • Multi-list compilation
  • Preprocess-mode
  • Import generated Java files
  • Provides a view for the verbose mode


Fixed some bugs :
  • ECLIPSE_HOME wasnt well got
  • due to a regression from 0.5.1, list *compilation* was always in preprocess mode
  • Aj Project conversion now on IJavaProject items
  • Added an option in AspectJ Project Property Page so AjBuilder is no more called on every project changed


  • Download the latest release here
  • Unzip in your $eclipse_base/plugins directory
  • Restart Eclipse

To do

  • Allow to configure an exclude list (configurable in property page)
  • Add An AjCapability


    • Integrate AjBrowser (via an AjView ?)
    • Integrate AjDebugger and AjDoc

Quick Run : Screenshots


Preference Page :

Property Page :

contextual menus

IJavaProject :

.lst Files :


IJavaProject :


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